January 20, 2016, by Sarah Stubbings

Networking is underway on Designing E-learning for Health MOOC

There is now less than a month to go before our Designing E-Learning for Health course starts on 15 February. The course is open for registration now.

Over 3,500 people have already signed up for the course and started making connections with each other on the Welcome page. They are a diverse group. The Health E-Learning and Media Team (HELM) is pleased to see learners posting from all around the world, all with fascinating back stories and careers. So far, learners from over 50 countries have joined in the introductory discussion, with countries represented ranging from Mexico to Myanmar, Italy to Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia to Canada.

Some of our learners are already experts in e-learning for health, some work in other areas of e-learning or in various health fields, while others have careers as diverse as meditation teacher, journalist and social anthropologist. The course is constructed in such a way that it benefits learners with all these different levels of knowledge – the only requirement is an interest in designing e-learning. While the focus in on health, the course and methods are transferable to many other contexts and sectors.

There is still time to sign up and find out more about Designing E-Learning for Health here.

HELM e-learning resources (Resuable Learning Objects or RLOs) are used by educators, students, service users, clinicians and many more across over 50 countries and are available from the HELMOpen platform.

The HELM team look forward to welcoming you onto the course and hope to see you in February.

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