Sustainability, Society and You

October 13, 2015, by Helen Whitehead

Sustainability, Society and You MOOC starts on 2nd November

At the end of September world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly formally adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and committed to 17 Global Goals which aim to achieve three extraordinary things in all countries in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality & injustice. Fix climate change.

How do these ambitious goals impact our own lives and our own futures? The 17 goals, ranging from no poverty through quality education, clean water, equality, life on land and in water, decent work and economic growth will only be achieved if people everywhere get behind them, and move the agenda on through their own actions as well as influencing their governments. As the Global Goals website tells us: “If we all fight for them, our leaders will make them happen.”

It’s timely that the MOOC  Sustainability, Society and You starts a new run on 2nd November 2015 on the FutureLearn platform.  Professor Sarah Speight is again lead educator on this University of Nottingham free online course, which looks at the major global issues of sustainability and how we can all have a real impact on our own futures. Many of us are reviewing our own needs and wants and we are accepting that, as individuals and members of families and communities, we can make decisions that are more or less sustainable.

In the six-week course Sustainability, Society and You, we will look at these global goals of the UN, an international organisation, and link those goals with what we can do in our own lives to make a difference. So, for example, participants will take part in activities such as calculating our water footprint and conducting a waste audit to find out just how much waste we produce. In past runs of this course the course team has learned much from the participants and we’ve realised that together we can inspire and motivate one another to incorporate sustainable behaviour into our daily lives and make small changes to help protect our world for current and future generations.

To find out more, join the free online course Sustainability, Society and You. Please join us. You will find yourself part of a learning community seeking knowledge, inspiration and mutual support as we try to secure a positive future for us all on our planet.

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