May 28, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

Living sustainably

As someone interested in living sustainably, I subscribe to blogs, Twitter feeds and Pinterest boards of a variety of sustainability-related organisations, firms, and individuals. This way I tend to see a lot of discussion of the details of how to live sustainably, often in the form of steps one can take to move towards a more sustainable life.

A thread running through this which has intrigued me recently is the sustainable actions which people find most difficult. Which do you find the most difficult to live up to? Here are some that others have found difficult:

  1. Giving up meat (even for one day a week!)
  2. Take less or shorter showers
  3. Use and wash fabric napkins, towels, instead of paper ones
  4. Composting all possible waste
  5. Use re-usable cloth bags instead of plastic ones
  6. Always choose Fair Trade goods
  7. Turn off computers and media devices when not in use
  8. Growing your own veg
  9. Dry clothes on the line not in a dryer
  10. Not using a car: sometimes people have hybrids, but they are not really sustainable

The last three there are the ones that I struggle with. What about you?

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