January 29, 2014, by Helen Whitehead

Sustainability and wellbeing – some links

In this week’s Sustainability Society and You MOOC topic, Organisations and sustainability, participants are invited to share links that they have found relating to several topics. Two of these topics are “sustainability and mental health” and sustainability and exercise”, both of which have prompted people to share some great resources on wellbeing and sustainability. Here are a few of them:

Green gyms were a popular share:

  • http://www.tcv.org.uk/greengym
  • http://www.horshamgreengym.org.uk/ conserves the local habitat and wildlife and creatures /insects to pollinate our fruit trees and crops, and preserves natural waterways = prevents flooding, provides volunteers and participants with exercise in the for of manual labour – improves mood through exercise and form of companionship and purpose builds a sense of community and pride in the local environment.

Also human powered gyms and electricity producing gym equipment:

There’s a lot of evidence supporting exercise in general:

Cycling is good for health and the environment…

…As is walking…

…and just being outdoors. ‘Ecotherapy’ can reduce depression, gives a sense of well-being, and boost energy levels.

Thanks to all the participants in Sustainability Society and You who shared such interesting and informative links.

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