December 26, 2013, by Helen Whitehead

Advent calendar #26: Tips on being a FutureLearn student

Having taken several FutureLearn courses now, as well as helping to set up and deliver the Sustainability, Society and You course, my top tips for being a  FutureLearn  student include:

  • Interact with the other students, it’s so much better than trying to learn alone. And…
  • .. learn with friends. It’s fun if family or friends are in the same course. You can have REALLY meaningful conversations over lunch or dinner!
  • If you spot anyone making an interesting comment in a discussion, you can follow them: click on their name or picture to see their profile and click the follow button.
  • If you go to your own profile you can see all the discussion posts that you have made and click back to them in context and find out if anyone’s replied.
  • Don’t forget to mark the steps you have completed as done so you don’t go back over and find yourself repeating it. And…
  • … don’t mark something done prematurely or you might forget you haven’t finished it!

And finally

  • Don’t worry about missing a bit of the course or getting behind. Do the bits that are relevant now or the bits that interest you and catch up on the rest later or not at all.
  • Enjoy your learning!
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