January 4, 2012, by Gaby

The degree of success in the humanities


This article (above) caught my eye today, as did this second article:http://www.scotsman.com/the-scotsman/education/high_degree_of_success_in_humanities_1_2013560

The second piece seems astonishing, with it’s bald statistics regarding the educational backgrounds of many ‘leaders’; even more astonishing seems the statement that it is at the helm of a universities where you are LEAST likely to find a humanities graduate. Blimey, that was unexpected, as I would have expected more Humanities graduates and less STEM graduates to be the ones safeguarding universities and to continue the traditions of the ‘studium generale’….

What caught my eye with regards to the first article was its exuberance and vitality, and it’s unashamed celebration of the humanities. How is this for a quote to warm an art historian’s heart on a windy and rainy January night, slaving over a hit computer keyboard after a hard day’s essay marking:

great painting can celebrate our values, enhance our lives and endorse our humanity.

Great stuff. Or the equally stirring battle cry for the celebration of the humanities, the confident assertion that

philosophy, poetry, art, literature, history, music, other languages and other cultures, ancient and modern, endorse and enlarge our humanity, teach us to understand and improve the values by which we live.

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