May 2, 2014, by Teaching at Nottingham

LectureTools, Socrative and dynamic in-class conversation

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Dr Andy Fisher and Ian Pearshouse on “LectureTools, Socrative and dynamic in-class conversation ” at  the Using Space and Technology to Enhance Learning event 2nd May 2014.

This session explored the ease of encouraging student conversation with each other and the lecturer in class and using new technology to allow responses to shape teaching.

Interactivity in teaching helps understanding. So can technology help interaction? What is little known is that the University has a pilot licence to a suite called ‘Lecture Tools’ – designed for real time feedback from students and other interactive features which can be run from Moodle. This session demonstrated these features. The session also asked how we might use student’s smart devices to increase interaction. This was a ‘hands on’ informal session in which we discussed the pros/cons of using technology for interaction in class.

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