April 29, 2014, by Teaching at Nottingham

Engaging students in conversation about assessment

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Dr Carmen Tomas, T&L Directorate, talks about improving students’ understanding of assessment.

This was a session at the 2014 University Teaching and Learning conference on Students in Conversation.

Session abstract:

Communication of assessment and feedback to students is explored in this workshop. In particular, enhancement and two-way communication channels are explored alongside a number of levels:

  • Programme level planning of assessment and feedback – engagement can start from managing students’ expectations of assessment plans, modes and methods in which feedback is received. Examples of practice will be discussed.
  • Module level and assessment – different assessment types offer different feed-forward and feedback opportunities. These will be explored in the context of common assessment types (e.g. exams, coursework).
  • Systems and methods for managing the communication on assessment and feedback – the impact of managing assessments in paper, electronic or both modes will be explored.

The session will be interactive.

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