April 29, 2014, by Teaching at Nottingham

Students at the heart of Nottingham: towards closer collaboration

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Ruth Edgar, Students’ Union and Carina Neil, LRLR, University of Nottingham, on “Students at the heart of Nottingham: towards closer collaboration”.  This was a session at the 2014 University Teaching and Learning conference on Students in Conversation.

Session abstreact:
The University and the Students’ Union are committed to working together to enhance teaching at Nottingham and we are keen to develop our models of collaboration. Through the Teaching Transformation Programme and the Nottingham Advantage Award (NAA), the University is exploring methods to increase student engagement with teaching and learning through a series of ‘learning commissions’ – joint activities that address current issues at the University.

This session will build on ideas introduced in the previous sessions and address the design and implementation of shared projects at Nottingham. We will begin with an overview of our current understanding of the field and our ambitions for working together.

Participants will be encouraged to share existing practice around student involvement in teaching development, to offer ideas for potential collaborative projects at School and University level, and to assist in the design of processes that will support such activities.

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