April 29, 2014, by Teaching at Nottingham

Moving on from study skills

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Dr Ruth Allen, T&L Directorate on academic development models: “Moving on from study skills: how can we support the academic development of students in their first year?”

This was a session at the 2014 University Teaching and Learning conference on Students in Conversation.

Session abstract:

This session will start with a “where we are now?” look at the perennial issue of study skills within, or beside, the curriculum; exploring the difference between a remedial model of provision and a progressive framework for academic development. We will look particularly at academic development within the first year of study, as a method of supporting transition into higher education and an integrated route for the promotion and facilitation of deeper, independent learning.

I will share the most common models for situating academic development into the first year programme – looking across the university, and participants will have the opportunity to contextualise and review their own school set up within this theoretical framework. This practical workshop will also give staff the chance to share their practice with others, and begin planning ways in which academic development could be developed further within their schools. Through this session there will also be the opportunity for staff in schools to consider how central support might be best utilised to improve and evolve the provision of academic development within and beyond year 1.

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