April 11, 2013, by Teaching at Nottingham

Jan Parker: Splendor! It all coheres

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Dr Jan Parker outlines three overlapping models of curricula – an outcomes-based approach, the developmental pathway, and the discipline as a home and community of practice for students and teachers alike.

She expands on the latter in particular, and relate these notions to the place of inter-, cross- and multi- disciplinary courses in higher education. She was involved in Cornell’s seminal and inclusive ‘Writing in the Disciplines’ movement and sees student writing as the key to developing academic identities and literacy.

Dr Jan Parker
The Open University

This presentation was given at the Curriculum Review conference: creating coherent programmes. It was part of a session addressing models of curriculum coherence where colleagues offered examples of the implementation of a range of approaches to coherence, and shared their experience of the process of curriculum design at programme level. The full programme is available on the Curriculum Review conference page.

Produced April 2013

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