May 31, 2013, by Teaching at Nottingham

Cross-campus teaching: an academic perspective

Kirsty Hyndes: “How can I develop cross-campus teaching in a programme that has no teaching in Malaysia or China at the moment? This was my question before attending the session. Was my question answered? No: but what I did hear was food for thought.

“What I learned was that there are some very dedicated, charismatic, academic staff who are committed to developing excellent teaching and learning resources across the university. The 3 very different presentations showed me that communication, and true collaboration is key when developing common modules with peers across Nottingham, Malaysia and China. It demonstrated that enthusiasm and expertise can solve the problems of differences in time and culture with a lot of thought, hard work, a working internet connection, international travel, and sometimes the sharing of a meal! I also learned that sharing module design and delivery can give you added value – professional and personal – because sharing gives you time, a peer mentor, an academic partner, more students and the opportunity to learn more about another culture. A win – win situation.

“I have come away with the commitment to find a partner programme in another university in order to develop some understanding of the provision of health and social care.”

Prof Kirsty Hyndes
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy

In March this year, about 50 colleagues gathered to hear from Don Giddings (Engineering), Julie Greensmith (Computer Science) and Duncan Shaw and Mohan Avvari (NUBS), all of whom have experience of teaching across campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia.

Recordings of the event are available at:

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