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Sustainability in and through curriculum

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Dr Sarah Speight: “Nottingham is currently running a ‘NOOC’ (Nottingham Open Online Course) called ‘Perspectives on Sustainability’. This is an interdisciplinary course that can be taken for credit towards the Nottingham Advantage Award. It developed from an externally-funded project to develop open educational resources on specific disciplines: Geography, Engineering, Arts and Humanities and Business.

“This session explored the key tools and actions that allowed us to move from phase to phase. At the heart of the project are a team of academics, learning technologists and postgraduate research students who have learnt with and from each other. Behind them, there is extensive student evaluation that has informed the direction of travel. What we have hopefully arrived at is a useful model of collaborative working with review and development built in.

“The model is being tested as we speak with over 400 participants engaged in the module from across our three campuses. The ‘Perspectives’ story is one of unforeseen opportunities and challenges within a shared learning experience – this session will highlighted some of these and show you the evidence of what has been achieved so far.”

Dr Sarah Speight
School of Education

This presentation was given at the Curriculum Review conference: creating coherent programmes. It was part of a session addressing models of curriculum coherence where colleagues offered examples of the implementation of a range of approaches to coherence, and shared their experience of the process of curriculum design at programme level. The full programme is available on the Curriculum Review conference [link] page.

The presentation was part of the Coherence across disciplines section where the sessions examined how common issues that resonate in more than one discipline can be embedded within their context, and how bringing perspectives from outside the discipline can add depth to study

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