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April 18, 2012, by Teaching at Nottingham

Seeing the bigger picture

Sarah Seeley:  “In my capacity of Examinations Manager (on-line exams) I was looking forward to the Assessment in the Digital Age Conference and saw it as an opportunity to meet staff across the University and talk about implementation and support and get a better perspective of how I fit in.

“As my focus is summative on-line examinations I like to think I know a bit about e-assessment in a HE context but what struck me about the conference was the sheer number of different technologies and software systems that are being used across the university all of which require training, development and support.  This made me think.  How do staff get to know about the technologies available to them and how best to use them?  An action point for me post conference I think. 

“In my opinion the opportunity to participate in the sharing of best practice was a real practical benefit.  As a Rogo user I found the workshop lead by Dr Richard Tunstall very informative but could also see potential areas where  administrative support requirements  crossed software platforms i.e.  the expectation of External Examiners to engage with various technologies in differing ways (paper reviews in Rogo and interaction with e-portfolio being the particular examples from the day).

“All in all I enjoyed the day and as hoped I have come away from it with a greater appreciation of the bigger picture.”

Sarah Seeley,
Academic Services Division

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