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Recording feedback as a podcast and uploading it to WebCT

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Interviewer: “How long will the podcast be?”

Sarah Westwater-Wood: “In general they’re four to five minutes. I find that technically WebCT supports that really well and it’s a bitesize for students so they can take it shape their revision with it and it’s not a lecture the podcast is not being used to support a lecture it’s about feedback.”

Practical session

Student: “What we’re going to do is a repeated contraction and the pattern is retraction and depression, simply because the posture is one of, sort of, protraction.

“So if you push into my hand, and relax, and push into my hand again, and relax down.”


Sarah: “From today’s practical sessions I want to applaud how well they have done because they performed very well. I want to confirm they are moving in the right direction, that everything they did today was correct. It’s about depth and breadth and precision.

“First of all I’m going to bring up a programme called Audacity and I have my microphone here and I just need to record my conversation with the Audacity programme.”

Sarah records podcast

“This is the podcast for Therapeutic Studies practical sessions week commencing November 28th. In it you will find feedback on the proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation session and your mock exam technique.”

“Key areas that you need to get some more depth of knowledge are in the physiology of inflammation… To maximise your marks you need to think about the actual treatment technique… You need to have a clear idea of why you would select any one of these approaches…”


“So that’s three minutes duration and I will now save it or export it as an MP3 and import it onto WebCT. So I’m selecting export as an MP3 and I give it a title… it takes just a few seconds to save.

“Now I need to go into WebCT… So I’m choosing the podcasting uploader, I browse to find my file and I upload it,… then I go back into WebCT to the actual place I want the students to be able to find it.

“I add the link, give it a title and then its there for students. I personally like to change the icon to something incorporating headphones but that’s just my personal choice.”

Samuel Walker (student): “It was really easy to access, I went straight into the WebCT which is the student area to look at all the different subjects that you are doing, and just click on it and it plays straight away through Windows Media Player which is what most people and students have got on their computer, so in that respect it was quite easy to listen straight from WebCT.

“You could download it I think onto your mp3 which I didn’t do but I just actually had it straight off the internet which was fine, the main reason for that is I was in a room where it was quiet so I could listen to it.”

Lucy Bellamy (student): “Yes, I did the same, I was at home so I could listen to it at home I didn’t need to download it.”

Lucy Bellamy, Samuel Walker, Sarah Westwater-Wood 
School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physiotherapy

 Sarah is teaching physiotherapy students on a second year module on Therapeutic Studies 1 (B92365). Practical classes take place at the City Hospital. Produced June 2009.
This video was originally published as part of PESL’s Teaching at Nottingham collection.

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