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October 10, 2023, by aqykd2

Highlights on a few interesting societies at UoN

One of the most exciting ways to find like-minded friends at university is to find your interests in our societies. If you’re unsure of the societies you want to join, we have a long list of societies that include both activities and sports on our SU website. Want to know more? You can also visit the upcoming freshers fair to interact with their committees and find out more. But for now, here’s a random highlight of societies that I found interesting on the website:

Allotment society

For farming and gardening enthusiasts. There is some soothing in spending time with nature, Looking at all those basil pots in supermarkets, I’ve always been tempted to get one home and take care of them, but I’m always worried about season. But this society provides you with plots, tools and the seeds to grow plants of your choice. They also have a green house that helps them combat the issues with weather conditions. 

Flair and Cocktail society

This society is for all those who see the art that is…mixology. It’s a fun opportunity to taste a diverse variety of cocktails and get mixology lessons and make new friends with a taste for the same. Fun bonus: You might be able to gain an edge on those interviews for part time jobs at bars. 

Hide and Soc

I’m always surprised by the number of people that are enthusiastic about revisiting their childhood. This society is all fun and games…literally! They organise spaces and groups for us to revisit our memories through childhood games like hide and seek and many more! Can you imagine just how fun that might be in a campus as big as ours? 

Matchmaking society

This literally won a national award. I’ve never tried it myself but I’ve heard about how they take their job very seriously and do their best to find the perfect match for you. Fill out their survey to find your university beau at UoN and join their society for fun activities like pub quizzes, speed dating events and ‘Take me Out’ events. 

There are many more interesting societies for everyone. Check the SU website to browse and join now!

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