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September 13, 2023, by Aisia Lea

Breaking the Ice: Days Out in Nottingham

When you’re meeting new people at University, it can be a bit daunting trying to find activities to break the ice that don’t feel awkward or forced. No one loves going around in a circle trying to list a fun fact about yourself. Here are some ideas for ice-breaking days out with your new flatmates that aren’t club nights!

Exploring Wollaton Park and the University Campuses

One thing that you’ll have in common with your fellow first years will be that you’re all new to the University. When I joined in September, I took a visit to campus with some of my new flatmates. It’s an easy way to make some conversation as you can talk about what lead you to coming to Nottingham, as well as any questions you might have about joining the university. It can also be a bit of fun navigating campus together (as you might get lost!). You can also take some time to have a bit of lunch in Portland building. After you’ve made your way around University Park Campus, why not head to Wollaton Park and have a look to see if you can spot any of its deers? It’s a nice chance to get out in the fresh air and see some of Nottingham’s highlights.

Have a Go at Minigolf

There are plenty of minigolf places around Nottingham, with one on University Park campus and three in the city centre. A game of minigolf can be a lighthearted way to get to know people with some playful competitiveness. If you find it a bit uncomfortable making conversation, minigolf can be a good distraction and take some pressure off you! Minigolf prices in Nottingham start from around £6 for a student, so it doesn’t have to be an activity that breaks the bank.

Show Off Your Bowling Skills

Similarly to minigolf, playing a couple of games of bowling can be a great way to have some fun and get to know your new flatmates. At Nottingham Bowl, you can get food and drink whilst you play your game. Two games of bowling cost £10 with a student discount, and they usually hand out some freebies at the Welcome fair, too! While you’re there, you can even play minigolf or do some karaoke, too.

Get Your Skate On

We’re lucky that in Nottingham, we have the National Ice Centre (and we have an ice skating society that takes advantage of this!). You’re able to don your skates and have a ride around the ring at £6 for a student ticket. What’s a better ice-breaker than getting out on the ice? If you’re anything like me, you might be a bit rubbish, but when you’re all tripping and falling, it can be a great way to make some fun memories! If getting out on the ice isn’t for you, you can go and watch our very own Nottingham Panthers take to the stage for a game of ice hockey.

Have a Game at Penny Lane

If you can’t decide on what to do, why not head to Penny Lane? Located in the city centre, Penny Lane has a bit of everything for everyone. You can eat and drink here (they do some nice cocktails), as well as play some games. They have classic arcade games such as the 2p penny pushers, air hockey, and table football. It’s a great night out and you can create a bit of a competition between you and your friends.

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