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August 30, 2023, by aqykd2

A Random List of Things I’ll Pack for Uni: 

The hardest yet most exciting part about moving to university is packing for yourself. It could get especially challenging for international students because they have more things to adapt to. But you will be glad to know that you learn to find replacements and make do without many luxuries while exploring what student life has to offer. Travelling back and forth from my country has made me a smart packer. But here is a list of random things that I know to pack from home: 


As most of you know, rice and pasta are staple foods for all those living in self-catered accommodations. It is imperative to have them stocked up at all times. I’ve always found the rice grains to be much thicker in the UK. So, I like to pack my own stash from my country. 

LUDO (Boardgame):

I’m all for staying in bed and scrolling on my phone, but it has been surprisingly hard to get off screens for when you want to! The fact that we rely on them for work as well as leisure doesn’t help. My solution is generally to work on slow-cooked meals, paint, or LUDO! It’s a fun four-player board game that is bound to get you active. You could also try and bring some other easy-to-pack games.

Hard Disk:

I learnt the hard way that backups are crucial. Be it photos, memories, or university coursework and assignments, you know you’re going to have lots of it by the end of each term. Although I’m guilty of waiting for the “storage disk full” to back my devices up, I like to try and have copies of everything. This helps me keep my devices clean and organized too!

Packs of quick cook meals:

Everybody has seen days where laziness wins in the battle of Dinner Vs. Sleep. For these days, I like to bring some partially cooked meals that would be complete with hot water or milk. Upma and badam halwa (Indian dishes) are two of my favourite things to bring. You can find their recipes attached to their name above. 

Regional clothes and accessories:

These are for when you’re homesick and have holidays and festivals lined up. It helps me feel a part of my community, come together and celebrate with them. 

These are some of my random essentials to pack for the university. But I’d love to hear about your list of random essentials!

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