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February 18, 2023, by aqykd2

Random University Student Life Hacks

If there is one thing that I gathered living the student life, it’s that you can never have enough life hacks to make your life easier at university. So here are some of the most random life-hacks that seemed to work really well for me so far: 

1. Be selfish and use free university resources to their full potential: 

We are all really fortunate to be part of an institution that can afford to look after its students during the cost of living crisis. They have made so many facilities available to us that are only there for us to use! So go ahead and get free breakfast at Oasis in the Portland Building between Monday to Fridays from 08:00 AM to 10:00 AM. There are microwaves and mini-kitchen areas spread across the teaching and learning buildings on campus too. And did you know that a Project Period has also made products for menstruation available across campus for free?

2. Make the student discount count:

We might have spent so much extra money out of our pockets because we forget that most places in Nottingham have student discounts that could really help lower costs for food and other activities. Don’t forget to carry your student ID or install Unidays to verify yourself as a student for the duration of your course. You could save so much on your purchases. 

3. Put your laziness to good use: 

I’ve always found myself scrolling on social media for hours before I finally put my phone down to study…just to take a break after about fifteen minutes of serious working. But what I do know that I could be sat and stuck reading for hours if my phone is further away from me than my arm’s reach. I tend to leave my phone all the way downstairs in the kitchen and force myself to work when I can’t access it.

4. How I keep myself awake during lectures: 

Some lectures can be harder to get through than others. But I’m able to prevent myself from dozing off when I keep myself busy typing or handwriting notes from the lecture…and not a single yawn.

5. Blue tack to stick posters:

While tape is the stronger option, blue tack is the saviour when it comes to decorating your room with (lightweight) wall decor. You wouldn’t have to worry about damaging your walls or buying the same distinct colour of paint to hide traces when you’re moving out of your accommodation. 

6. Passive cooking:

It can be difficult to keep yourself healthy with the busy lives we lead as students. So if you have been struggling to get some greens and veggies into your meal as much as you think you should, you could try throwing them in the oven along with some seasoning for some crunchy snacks! So far, I have tried roasting potatoes, carrots, broccoli and chikpeas, but let me know if something else works for you! 

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