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January 25, 2023, by Lucy Cooper

New Semester, New Habits

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The Autumn semester was my first semester back at university which felt ‘normal’ after Covid. Having been on a year abroad for the 21/22 academic year, I returned to university feeling apprehensive as it had been almost 2.5 years since my pre-covid university experience. It definitely felt odd entering what is the final year of my undergraduate studies having only properly experienced six months of my first year with face-to-face teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed my first semester ‘back’, although in the adjustment period I developed some bad habits that I’m hoping to get rid of in the next semester. Hopefully changing them will result in better academic and financial outcomes!

Avoiding the library

Last semester I developed a nasty habit of avoiding the library. During the pandemic I got used to studying from the comfort of my own home, with everything that I needed being close-by, as well as a kitchen a short distance away offering a mountain of snacks – not to mention the fact that there was no commute. The library offers a much better work environment, however, with far fewer distractions available. I am noticeably more productive in the library, meaning that I’m looking to spend more time there this semester.

Late starts

Some may say that I was blessed, but I was lucky enough to only have one day of morning lectures per week in the Autumn semester. It was great for my sleep, although it meant that I avoided doing work in the morning due to no obligation to be anywhere at that time. Whilst my timetable remains relatively similar this coming semester, I do want to start taking advantage of my mornings in order to get work done. Maybe the warmer weather in a few months will help.

Buying food on campus

This is a mistake made out of convenience, that I continued to make throughout last semester that remained costly. I’m hoping that next semester I’ll be able to organise some packed lunches for myself to save money… although in deadline season that may change!


Hopefully, in this coming semester I’ll be able to kick these habits and get some positive results from them, both in terms of my studies and the money that I’ll have in my pocket at the end of the month.

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