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October 4, 2022, by Lucy Cooper

UoN Student Life Hacks

When you first arrive at university, it can be a little daunting – especially when trying to find your way around the large campus, and not yet having knowing coursemates to ask. Luckily, there are a few life hacks out there that can help to smooth the way. What I’ve included in UoN specific, and will probably prove to be very helpful in your first few weeks as a student here.

Estates’ Building Plans Pages

The Estates Office website offers access to the plans of all buildings on all UoN campuses, including the halls of residence. The classrooms and rooms are all labelled, meaning that you’ll be able to identify where your classes take place (if you have a habit of getting lost whilst walking around the Trent building for instance), and even your room in on-campus accommodation.

Whilst most places on campus are well signposted anyway, having this facility may help to put you at ease (and also be nosey about your future halls room) before you arrive and start classes.

The Trent Building – Portland Tunnel

Stuck in Trent and it’s raining? Have no fear, there is a secret underground tunnel between the two buildings. It emerges (and can be accessed) from a door next to Portland Coffee. It can be slightly scary but is worth it – good luck trying to find it!

Try-it Sessions

Many societies and sports clubs will run free Try-it sessions during your first few weeks, meaning that you can try out an activity without making the financial commitment to a year’s membership – which can become expensive once you buy a few. If there’s a sport you’ve never tried but want to have a go – now’s your chance! These activities will often be advertised on the Events section of the SU website or on the societies’ social media pages.

David Ross Gym

David Ross gym is huge, but it also serves a huge population of students. All first year students living in hals of residence on campus will have access to the gym included in their halls licence this year – meaning it will get quite busy. If you prefer a quieter gym, try to go outside of peak times (some subject timetables will better suit this than others) – evenings are especially busy times.

There will be countless more student hacks for UoN or students based in Nottingham that I am yet to discover – but hopefully these ones will give you a head start over your first few weeks!

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