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July 28, 2021, by Agnes

New (academic) year, new you? – Trying new things at University

Just like a new calendar year, a new academic year is a fresh start. Especially if you’re about to begin a new stage in your education, and in your life! You’re moving to a new city, maybe even living alone for the first time – it’s a new beginning.

There is no other time that’s more perfect to try new things!

  • Cooking

If you’re in self-catered accommodation, you’ll have to cook – there’s no question about it! However, you can choose whether you’ll eat cereal and beans on toast all year or whether you’ll get adventurous and try various new recipes. So why not learn a new skill and get yummy, cheap food out of it? Here are a few easy recipes to get you started!

  • Change in diet

When living at home, your diet is mostly dictated by your parents! Maybe you’ve wanted to try vegetarianism for a while? Maybe you only like certain veggies? You’ve got full autonomy! Feed your body with things that make it happy! 

  • Cycling

Nottingham is a very bike-friendly city! If you want to save a bit of money on public transport and squeeze in a bit of exercise on your way to campus, look into getting a bike. I got mine second hand on the Facebook marketplace!

  • New hobby

If you have any free time, why not pick up a new hobby? You can learn a new language, learn to sew, yoga, writing, art… the possibilities are endless. In my first year, I learned how to knit and started to learn Esperanto! 

  • Volunteer

There are many amazing volunteering opportunities in Nottingham. You can find them through the university or independently! This is a great way to expand your horizons and enrich your CV but also to give you a sense of fulfilment. 

If you’re looking for more new things to try, why not join a new society?

Good luck!

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