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August 18, 2020, by Shweta

Your Guide to Fun and Socially Distant Activities

University might look a little different this year. Social distancing, masks, bubbles and more lend a truly extraordinary challenge to our social lives. Consequently, this upcoming year will most likely see some very creative activity options. To guide you towards a safe, yet fun, social experience, here’s a compilation of some socially distant activities to try with your friends!


Nottingham’s Citycard cycle scheme has come to our rescue, just in time! With docks littered around campus and a daily cap of £4/day, you can hire these cycles for the day and explore the city. I suggest taking a little picnic with you and cycling down to the canal or Arboretum for a fun day out with friends.

Boating (in your bubble)

Highfield Lake offers boat hires on an hourly basis. With 2 people per boat, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up with friends from different bubbles. You and your flatmate can share a boat and race your friends down the lake. Enjoy the sunshine while maintaining your distance; what a wonderful way to enjoy that warm British summer!

Art Challenges

This one is inspired by a wine-evening I had with my friends recently. To partake, each person is allocated a different part of a large picture to paint on their own mini canvas. When everyone’s done, you put the canvases together to form one large, beautiful work of art. This allows for social distancing as you each have your own canvas and paint sets.

Virtual Sweat Sesh

Chloe Ting. Yoga with Adriene. Pamela Reif. Blogilates. There’s no shortage of fun fitness vloggers on YouTube. The best part is that they’re all incredibly accessible and offer a variety of workouts for every activity level. Get your friends on a Zoom call and sweat together. Trust me, there’s nothing funnier than struggling to hold a plank with your besties.

Start a book club (with swaps)

The pandemic has lent many of us the gift of time. Investing in your intellectual assets through reading is one of the most relaxing and productive ways to use this extra time. Why not bring your friends in on the fun? Start a virtual book club to discuss your favourite reads. You can even spice it up by doing swaps where every member sends another their favourite book of all time!

COVID-19 is an ever-changing situation and 2020 has been chock-full of surprises. But there’s always ways to enjoy time with loved ones if you get creative enough. In the midst of it all, never forget your social responsibility to those around you.

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