July 3, 2020, by Shweta

How can YOU capitalise on boredom?

Now that we are in July, we’ve now formally seen an entire season pass amidst the pandemic. And of all the highs and lows we have experienced this year, our biggest takeaway has undoubtedly been the gift of time. Time spent with family or in isolation has been cataclysmic for so many of us; whether it’s learning a new skill or altering mindsets, it appears humanity will come out the other end renewed. While time has allowed us to relax and reflect, an ugly side-effect has been the overwhelming boredom. This has had a documented effect on people’s mental and physical health, around the world. On further reading into the effects of boredom, I reflected on how best to capitalise on those feelings and turn them into something positive. Here’s what I learned!


Take the time to embrace your inner dialogue.

Over the last 5 years, journaling has made a massive comeback. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never keep it up for more than a few days at a time. Experts advised against virtual journaling, opting instead, for good ol’ pen and paper. However, writing takes time and is significantly more cumbersome than typing. Now, with time on your side, fall in love with writing again. If you’re stuck on what to write, visit YouTube channels like Lavendaire, to co-opt their journaling prompts. Another option – and my personal favourite – is embracing word vomit. Wake up, sit down with your journal and write a few pages of whatever is on your mind. Throw grammar, sentence structure and literary manners out the window. Unconscious writing is a powerful vehicle of self-reflection and you will be better for it.


Build a second brain.

I first heard of this idea through Ali Abdaal on YouTube. The concept fascinated me until I realised that I had been doing it already, in minor doses, all my life. The concept of a second brain is borne from the understanding that our brains are fairly limited it its conscious abilities. By building a “second brain”, you develop a dumping ground for ideas, concepts, thoughts, reflections and to-do lists therefore freeing up your mind to focus on relationships and work. You can use apps like Notion or, more simplistically, Google sheets to organise your life. Ali, and many other YouTubers, expand on this idea on their channels.


More knowledge is never a bad thing so invest in online courses.

I’m a big advocate for Skillshare, a platform that gives you access to hundreds of short courses in various topics from graphic design to fashion to lifestyle. Additionally, Coursera and Future Learn offer free (and paid) courses from top universities in almost every subject field. This is a wonderful way to develop your personal and professional skillset while also making you more employable in what is set to be a very difficult job market.


Finally, embrace it. Boredom is often synonymous with self-isolation. And whilst that term has a negative connotation in today’s world, isolation and the very act of spending time with yourself can be incredibly therapeutic. As a community, we best serve each other when we have served ourselves. Use this time to focus on your mental and physical health, energising yourself for the future.

Until next time,

Shweta Madhu

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