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February 20, 2020, by Issy

5 ways to make your time off more productive

I’ve *finally* handed in my dissertation, which means I’m currently in limbo between the two parts of my 5 year degree. Which means that I currently have a lot of time on my hands before I start the clinical part of my degree in March.

One thing you should know about me is that I am not good at switching off, especially with a lack or routine, and tend to waste the precious days away worryingly aimlessly about not making the most of my time. Which, surprise surprise, means I dont make the most of it. So, here are some tips I have been trying to implement into my days over the last couple of weeks to combat this vicious cycle. With varying levels of success.

1) Make a playlist of songs that are calming to you. They don’t have to be songs that are stereotypically ‘soothing’ or ‘quiet’ – they might be songs with a rhythmic beat, or songs that make you think of times that you look back on fondly. This will help you settle into a more relaxed mindset to help you feel less stressed about the unknowns of the day ahead.

2) Go out for a walk every day. It doesnt matter if it’s just going to the shop, or to the post box, but it will help force you to get out of bed, get dressed, and out the house, to feel as if you’ve done *something* at least!

3) Make a set plan with a friend, like going out for a meal, or on a day trip. That way, you are less likely to cancel, as it wouldn’t just be yourself you are letting down if you don’t make it out..!

4) Sort out your space. Be it the kitchen, your room, or the bathroom – you will thank yourself later when you find you have less time to do this sort of thing once work starts up again. (This one is a lesson learnt from experience!)

5) Make a schedule. Almost as if you were in timetabled lectures. This helps you fill up your days to make it seem more productive and worthwhile… even if every other hour is filled with things like ‘watch Netflix’!

I know not everyone feels like relaxing and switching off is difficult, for some it must come naturally… and for that, I envy you! But for those like me, I really hope this helps in even a little way to know that you’re not the only one out there!

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