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January 17, 2020, by Shweta

My favourite apps to help you survive student life

My last blog post focused on starting afresh this decade and part of that delved into turning social media into something unimaginably positive and up-lifting. That got me thinking about the various ways technology helps us as university students. And as always, I wanted to share those reflections with you; after all, we all need new and innovative ways to beat student life. Here are my favourite apps that helps me get through university.

First off is one of my favourite money management tools, Splitwise. This app has helped my housemates and I dodge some possibly very uncomfortable conversations by tracking our spending and ensuring we know what is owed at every step. Every time we split the bill over some dishwashing liquid or share a dinner, we put it on Splitwise. The app does the math to then showcase who owes what. This helps us keep on top of our finances without ending up indebted to each other.

Next up is Unidays, a firm favourite amongst most university students. Unidays asks you to input your student ID, then allowing you to use their discounts. With its ever-growing popularity, Unidays is now available in most places, from Urban Outfitters to Subway. There is no better app to keep you from breaking the bank; especially now given that it’s the post-Christmas budgeting blues.

Another one of my favourite apps is BBC News. Now this one might sound a bit nerdy but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen the value in understanding global happenings. BBC News sends me notifications with little nuggets of information and important headlines, making it a great way to keep in touch with the news without spending too look poring over articles.

Finally, meditation apps like Headspace are wonderful for those few quiet moments before bedtime. Student life can get incredibly stressful and it’s important to look inwards and reflect from time to time. Sometimes, quieting down the voice in your head long enough to do so can be difficult. That’s where meditation apps come in handy. Combining calming breathing techniques with internal reflection, these apps encourage you to settle into the silence and digest the day you’ve had. I find these particularly useful around exam or deadlines season.

As I’ve said before, the digital age can be an amazing one if you wish so and there are many ways to turn social media and the internet into a formidable tool of personal development. These are just a few of my favorite ones, do leave yours down below.

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