October 13, 2019, by Shweta

Staying safe on a night out

As you’re probably already aware, the world is far from a safe place. Be it Nottingham, or anywhere else really, it’s not very hard to run into danger. However, I’m a very firm believer in the fact that nobody should be too scared to live their best life. Having said that, I think it’s important for everyone – girls and guys alike – to keep themselves safe so they can enjoy their nights out to the fullest. After over 3 years of carefree nights out in Nottingham, I’ve yet to encounter major trouble and here’s how;

  1. Trust your gut. Your gut is never ever wrong. If something feels unsafe, then get yourself out of that situation ASAP. This doesn’t just apply to when you’re by yourself in an Uber but even when you’re around strangers within the club or walking home late. You’re likely safer where you feel comfortable; so stay there!!
  2. Don’t walk home alone at night. I cannot stress this enough. I have known way too many people who have walked home alone or in strange company after a night out just to save on a taxi. If something untoward where to happen to you, you’d regret not spending the few extra quid to get home safe and sound. If you’re strapped for cash in the moment, the SU run a liaison with DG taxis as part of the safe taxi scheme wherein you can book a cab to get you home and pay later. Better safe than sorry!
  3. Make sure someone knows where you are. This something I used to do with my mum when I was still in my teens. Letting her know where I was and when I would be home meant she could make sure I was safe while I was out. Whilst my mum is 4000 miles away now, this is something I still do with my housemates. Sometimes, we’ll even give each other a ring while walking home or in a taxi by ourselves. It helps pass the time and let anyone around know that we’ve got someone watching out for us.
  4. Trust how drunk you are. Many people see sobriety after a couple drinks as an achievement, to the extent that they’re not willing to admit they might be a bit off their feet. If you’ve had more than you can handle and are feeling a bit drunk, let your friends take care of you and get you home safe rather than attempting to run off on your own.

I’ve been incredible lucky to have stayed safe no matter what, and many students can’t say the same. If you have ever been made uncomfortable by the people around you, know there are many services that can help you deal with it; personally and legally.


Stay safe & until next time,


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