September 26, 2019, by Issy

10 tips for when things just aren’t so great

It’s been a long time since I’ve written something for this blog.

I could say I’ve been on holiday lounging around in a tropical paradise (I wish) and snorkelling with turtles (I wish even more). But, in reality it’s been more like camping out in my room and swimming in pretty negative thoughts.

Truth be told, I’ve not been well.

So, I thought I would make at least *some* good come from a bad situation and share some of my tips I’ve learnt for getting through a tough time:


1) Treat yourself like you would treat others. Would you be shouting at your friend to ‘get a grip’ if they were the one feeling pretty low? Thought not.

2) Aim for ‘good enough’. We can’t always be perfect, no-one has been, is, or will be. Set a realistic goal, and use it to focus your energy on.

3) Make the most of your friends and family. You are loved and appreciated, and they will support you and make sure you get what is best for you.

4) Take some time out – for yourself. A self-care date, of sorts. Don’t let anyone, or yourself, interfere with or interrupt your plans.

5) Remember the fact that, by reading this, you have proof that you have got through 100% of your bad days before. You can keep going.

6) Don’t forget to save some of the love you give for others for yourself. For me, I feel validated by others’ appreciation, and can get quite addicted to the feeling, but forget to give myself any, and find I solely rely on others for my wellbeing. It’s not a healthy way to live.

7) Write down a good thing that has happened every day. It can be SUPER hard some days, but, even something like ‘made myself a sandwich’ counts. It forces you to think in a positive light.

8) Give yourself some time off. You and your health are always the first priority, over any grades or degree. If you need to take a break, do it.

9) Don’t feel you have to pretend you are fine if you are not. This can be emotionally exhausting, and distance you further from the support and help you need.

10) Ask for help. It doesn’t make you weak, in fact, I would argue it makes you stronger for recognising when you need a helping hand, or further support.


So. That’s my list. It helps me, and if it helps even one other person reading this, then it was worth it, a million times over.


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PS: Wondering why the picture is of a puppy? Because puppies make me happy (especially spaniels) and thought it might make you happy too.

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