September 10, 2019, by Shweta

Decorating your space on a budget

With not long to go before it’s time to move into dorms or a new student house, it’s about time to think about decorating! It might sound minor and maybe even a little bit tedious but making your space your own will leave you feeling comfortable and less home sick. Here are my top tips, courtesy of the many interior design videos I watch whilst procrastinating.
White/blue tac is your friend! With almost any property you live in over the next few years, you want to be careful what you put on the walls. Tac is useful because it’s strong but doesn’t do much damage. Use it to hang up posters, pictures, fairy lights or whatever your heart may fancy.
Poster sales are a great place to be during Freshers week. There are always multiple going on over the course of the year, usually in Portland building. Drop by one during your time off and see if any of the posters catch your eye. Be it your favourite movie or just an aesthetic background, posters can add colour and character to your walls.
Go and get yourself some photo frames from places like Primark or Wilkos. They don’t have to be expensive but will help bring your family, friends, pets – or anyone really – into your space. It’s a great way to make Nottingham your home away from home!
Get creative. One of my favourite wall decorations is a world map with little stickers on the countries i’ve visited. It’s a wonderful reminder of the trips I’ve been on whilst also making for a great conversation starter.
Bedding is key! Most student rooms are not very big which usually means that the bed becomes the focal point. Invest in good quality bedding in colours and/or patterns that you enjoy. Not only are you investing in comfort but your room will be less of an eye sore. While it may sound trivial, you’ll be thanking me when you’re sinking into bed at the end of a very long day instead of tossing and turning.
There are SO many ways to make a house a home and it’s definitely worth the effort. Especially if you’re joining us as a first year, decorating your dorm will help you feel more at ease in your space.
Until next time, Shweta


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