September 2, 2019, by Shweta

A non-drinker’s guide to Fresher’s week

Ask around and anyone will tell you that Fresher’s week is all about the parties and non-stop drinking. It is an inescapable stereotype. But, in reality, your time at university is whatever you want it to be. If you don’t enjoy drinking alcohol or don’t drink for personal reasons, there’s still plenty of ways to enjoy Fresher’s week.

For starters, going on a night out does not have to be dictated by what is in your cup. Dancing the night away with your friends can be just as fun without alcohol, so treat it that way. Don’t be afraid to let your hair loose; nobody will judge you for not wanting to drink.

If clubbing is not your thing or the thought of sober mosh pits makes you sweat behind the knees, opt for society events instead. At fresher’s week, you’ll get to meet representatives from over 200 societies, all of which are happy to welcome a new member. From sports to cultural societies, these groups often hold socials and other events. This is a perfect way to relax and meet new people without feeling pressured to drink/party.

Additionally, there are many day-time events going on throughout Fresher’s week. From fairs to city tours, there’s plenty to do during the day and you’ll be able to meet many like-minded students. Trust me, by the end of it, you probably won’t have the energy to spend the night out either way.

Finally, don’t ever feel pressured to drink. The best part of the University of Nottingham is its diversity. Be it your next-door neighbour or a friend you made at the library, you are bound to find people just like you around every corner. Alcohol doesn’t equate a good time and not drinking or clubbing won’t mean that you haven’t “lived your best university life”. If you stay true to yourself and live life the way you want to, the right experiences will definitely come your way.


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