August 8, 2019, by Paul H

Everything you need to know about coming to uni

You did it! ? You’ve got your grades, your place and the countdown to moving day has started. But there’s so much information you need to know and you may feel a bit like this… ⬇️

It’s ok, we’ve gathered together the most important things you need to know.

  • Share your joy using #UoNFreshers

Add uniofnottingham on Instagram to see what’s happening here, tag us in your stories so we can share the excitement with your classmates, tweet us @UoNFreshers and trade GIFs with us.

Say hi to your classmates, get some advice from our current students and ask them questions. We only have one official Facebook Group so this is the place to get correct information. Any other Group on Facebook about joining the University isn’t run by the University and will probably just try and sell you tickets to unofficial events. We’ll only share official information with you, promise. ?

  • Read through the important practical stuff

Everything you need to know is online here so make sure you spend some time going through each section. There’s a handy list of everything you need to do before you arrive, on your first day and in your first few weeks.

If you’re joining us as an international student, you can arrive earlier than everyone else and take a bit more time to settle in. Our Welcome Programme is free for new international students (from outside the EU) and runs from Thursday 19 September to Friday 20 September 2019.

  • Watch our student vlogs and feel less scared about starting university

You’re probably excited and scared about coming to uni, and that’s very much ok. Our lovely student vloggers have all sorts of advice to share and can hopefully make you feel better about starting this new life away from home. This YouTube playlist is especially for you.

This will give you useful info about being at uni including your timetable, email, library account, maps and more.

We’ll have lots more information to share with you over the next month until you all move in. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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