July 15, 2019, by Shweta

The ultimate guide to Nottingham’s best spots to de-stress

Now any old list borne of a simple Google search will give you the best spots in Nottingham to procrastinate with some friends. However, I did promise you the ultimate guide and so here are my favourite, secret (but not really) places to hang out in in Nottingham.


The arcade! Now this one’s well-known but mostly amongst the younger children of Nottingham. I’m here to campaign for the fact that arcades are fun for adults too! My friends and I love heading there for an hour or two and inevitably spending most of it playing arcade basketball. On my housemate’s final day of university, we all went in and spent our tickets on memorabilia that we all now share, no matter where life takes us. And they said arcades were only for kids. Ha!


Another favourite of mine, albeit a very different mood to the arcade, is ‘Bookwise’, a quaint second-hand bookstore in the heart of Lace Market. With hundreds of books, some as cheap as £2, this bookstore offers something for everyone. They have cosy seating and very friendly volunteer staff. Bookwise is a favourite pit-stop for my housemates and I when we want to spend some quiet time together sharing in our mutual love for the written word.


Another great spot to de-stress, particularly at dusk (or day-break if you’re enough of an early riser) is the Arboretum. Strife with water features and beautiful foliage, the Arboretum is one of Nottingham’s most peaceful and pleasing places to spend a couple hours. Be it a picnic with some friends or a lonesome jog, the arboretum is a fantastic spot to get some fresh air and relax.

The arboretum


If you’ve spent all day exploring bookstores and parks and are looking for somewhere a bit livelier, The Garden Shisha Lounge is a hotspot for Nottingham students, partly due to its convenient location on Ilkeston road. Additionally, the attached café has some sound food and the shisha is fairly priced.


Finally – leaving the best for last – is our very own campus. When you have 300 acres to explore, you’re bound to find a spot you love. It’s particularly comforting knowing you don’t have to travel far for some quiet, peaceful moments.  A 5-10 minute walk from Hallward and you will find yourself the perfect spot to cry over dissertation deadlines or the lack of seating at the library during exam season. Be it the lake itself or one of the many hidden gardens, spend time exploring UP; you won’t regret it.


That’s all from me today. Have fun exploring Nottingham and let me down in the comments where your favourite hangout spots are in the city.



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