April 16, 2019, by Tatiana

How to quickly find a job after gradschool

Hi friends and fellow postgrad students!

Today, I will share my tips on how to find a job even before finishing your Master’s or PhD degree. Just to give a back story, I am about to finish my PhD this year and found my ideal job already, 4 months before submitting my thesis. To achieve that, I followed a very carefully designed strategy, I benefitted as much as I could from the uni’s services and I networked tirelessly!

Take advantage of UoN’s resources:

  • Go to any industry events the university organises.
  • Attend job fairs and have meaningful questions for the company representatives, don’t let your CV be another one on the pile. Stand out with your personality during the 10 minutes you have to interact with a future employer.
  • Use the employment services the university offers. They can really be of help with guidance, structuring your CV and cover letter.
  • Undertake as many side projects as you can:
    • Engage with side projects of your school. There are multiple funded projects that look for Research Assistants to do various jobs. This will give you the professional experience you lack in your CV, especially if you are doing a PhD.
    • Have a talk with Centre for Advanced studies or any equivalent services of your school. They will also guide you if you want to build your portfolio/CV and work in side projects.
    • Definitely do an internship!


  • Have an updated Linkedin page and be very active: upload attendance in events, tagging relevant people, share articles that interest you, like and comment. It sounds tiring but you will thank me later! Your visibility will be raised and you will hopefully get lots of requests and messages that will eventually lead again to a potential job.
  • Attend Meetups in your city. There is an abundance of meetups available in every city for all disciplines. This is the best place to meet someone from the professional world to give you advice, mentor you, even offer you a job.
  • Use professional networking platforms like Slack. Whatever your sector is, there are relevant Slack workspaces. Find them and talk with people in your discipline. Through Slack, I found three mentors, got a job offer, advice on my CV, on my cover letter, not to mention how many new things I learned and how many new people I met working on something close to my interests around the globe!

If you have any questions on how best to use Slack or Linkedin, I would be glad to answer them!




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