April 8, 2019, by Shweta

Best Value for Money: Food Edition

It’s now that awkward middle ground in the semester where you’ve run through a decent portion of your bank account but you’ve still got ways to go before the year ends. Got a brunch date with the girls coming up? Craving a burger to get you through that nightmare of a dissertation? Here are my tips on where and how to get the biggest bang for your buck in Nottingham.


  • Weatherspoons do one of the cheapest yet most filling English breakfasts I’ve ever had. One of mine and my housemates’ favorite things to do together is grab one of their 1500 calorie monsters for brunch over the weekend. It’s so filling and it sets you back only less than a fiver! Plus, you can do as many swaps as you’d like for free! AND IT GETS BETTER; they offer free refills on their hot drinks. If you’re feeling cheeky, buy a cuppa with a mate and swap every time you refill it.
  • Ed’s diner is one of my favorite go-to restaurants and severely underrated. While they’re known for their amazing milkshakes (my personal favorite is the Reese’s peanut butter), almost every item is top notch. I first fell in love with this place when my parents and I popped in for a quick bite the day they dropped me off at university. It’s been 3 years and my mates and I still go at least once a month. Sign up to their mailing list to receive 40% off EVERY week! Their food is well priced even without the discount but why turn down the opportunity to get wholesome American food for even lesser!
  • Ucanteen is my best friend’s new favorite restaurant and after weeks of prompting, I gave it a visit. Not surprisingly, I fell in love too. The small, family run Chinese restaurant does authentic, flavorful food for decent prices. However, the portions are HUGE. To save money, share a dish with a friend to cut the price in half. It’s just as worth it.
  • Rose and Crown is a crowd pleaser and needs no introduction. A student hot-spot, they do daily discounts and food challenges that allow students to get the most for their money. My housemates and I did the 1kg nacho challenge a couple weeks ago and found that we were too full to even move after. Furthermore, if you go in on a Friday, they do 25% off ALL challenges so you can order those massive plates of wings/burgers/sundaes/nachos for even cheaper.


Having travelled around the UK a fair bit, one of my favorite things about Nottingham is how student friendly almost EVERY institution is, and restaurants are no exception. There are plenty of options for even when your bank account is dwindling so go out there and treat yourself (but only if you deserve it)!

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