February 26, 2019, by Alina

Reasons to Work Part-Time During Your Studies

I remember starting University and feeling overwhelmed with how incredible it felt to have so much money (i.e my overdraft) until I paid rent for my catered halls… and then had nothing left! Since then, I have always been working part-time (I am in currently in 4th year) and I haven’t looked back since! If you’re unsure on whether to get a job during your time at University then hopefully some of my reasons can help persuade you to do so!

In this time, give it to me easy

Think you don’t have enough time for a part time job? Don’t get me wrong, it can get extra stressful when you’ve got all your deadlines approaching in the same week, but it can actually help you become more organised! If I’m working an early morning shift, then I’m up and out the house by 8:20 latest – that means that once my shift is over, I am already out the house and on campus and can head to the library straight away. Having a job can prevent you from sleeping in too much and gets you out the house, so it’s a win-win! If I have a shift in the evening then I make sure that I get all of my studying for the day finished before I head to work, that way it gives me a deadline and stops me from procrastinating and twiddling my thumbs for too long in Hallward without being productive.

Oooh, you make me live

You get to meet so many new people who you would probably not have mingled with otherwise! At my work, all the students are from various year groups and courses, and funnily enough a lot of us actually get on! I’ve made many new friends and long lasting friendships from my current work, and it’s great to have another excuse for a cheeky social every now and then. Everyone knows that work friends end up being like a family member to you – and it’s heartbreaking when they leave work to go elsewhere :(. Get mingling and get paid for it!

Money, Money, Money

Need I say more? Although the start of term seems to show you a healthy bank balance, it all somehow disappears too early and can leave you with a sad looking fridge for a few weeks until the next student loan comes in… Fortunately, working means that you get paid and that you can treat yourself to some cheeky library snacks if you didn’t manage to pack lunch that morning – you’ve worked hard for that money so treat yourself! Although I am in my Final year and definitely working too many hours, I just can’t help myself because it means that I can save money for an extra wholesome summer this year! Even if the month ends up being stressful, you’ll thank yourself on payday – believe me!

And I’ve been working like a dog…

Even after the long shifts and the longer hours in the library, remember that at the end of it all you can actually end up with something worth putting on your CV! By showing employers that you’re able to sustain a part time job during your time at University, you’re displaying how much of a hard worker you are, regardless of whether it’s pouring pints or handing out flyers.


Good luck with job-hunting! 🙂

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