How to Improve Your Week with Small Changes

November 7, 2018, by Alina

How to Improve Your Week with Small Changes

How to  improve your week with small changes – it’s all about the baby steps!

Getting back into the swing of University after a long summer break can be difficult and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why I’ve put together a list of small things which you can do every day to help keep your body and wellbeing ticking. Because let’s face it, as much as we want to be that person who does yoga classes twice a week to relax, sometimes it doesn’t quite fit in our (socialising) schedule…

Water you waiting for?

Everybody knows that drinking water is healthy and good for you etc, so make sure to invest in a big sturdy water bottle to take to uni with you every day and keep it topped up whilst on campus (aim for about 2 litres a day). Also, most mornings, we roll out of bed and head straight for a beloved cup of coffee to get us going. However, we don’t realise that our body is already dehydrated (from not drinking water all night), and the first thing that we are refuelling it with is a dehydrating hot drink… which doesn’t really make much sense. Try to have at least a pint of water first as soon as you wake up, that way, it’ll hydrate your body and help avoid the stress caffeine-y headaches later that day.

Walk on by

Try to walk to uni at least a few mornings a week. Yes, that means waking up a little earlier and leaving the house earlier than you’d like to, but, it gives you a chance to clear your head and slowly wake up before having your head bombarded with all the things that you’ll learn that day. Fresh air can work wonders for improving your mood and you get some movement in and burn a few cheeky calories too (especially if you’re tackling the Derby Road hill).

It feels like the very first time (to myself)

Even if the amount of coursework, exams and contact study hours this semester makes you feel like you won’t be have time to breathe for the next few months, remember that this isn’t the case! Make a copy of your timetable and start planning about what type of reading or revision you can do in between lectures. You’ll notice that if you use these periods to actually work (and not spend it flicking through handsome people on Instagram) then you can choose a time slot which will stay free just for you! This can be to do sport (ha, I wish I was this person..), to enjoy reading a new book, to catch up with family and friends, or just to sit in and do nothing! If you ‘book’ yourself a slot to do whatever you want once a week, then you’ll find that you might be more productive throughout the week in order for you to enjoy this time to yourself without actually feeling guilty. Go on, treat yourself (as long as you do the brutal reading first, though!)

Orange you glad that it’s just that simple?

These are just a few things which I’ve picked up on over the years and which I think improve my week and general day to day mood. Alongside the above, try to munch on some fruit (every now and then) just to keep your body running on something other than pasta and meal deals. I usually get a big batch of apples or satsumas from Lidl – they last me a week and mean that I don’t put a kilogram of weight on when I’m snacking (procrasinating) in the library. I hope this helped and that it starts changing your long weeks for the better, if you have any other tips to share with me do let me know!

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