November 2, 2018, by Shweta

Tips for Applying to University

Those of you that are reading this right now are probably in the midst of applying to university, or at the very least, thinking about it. Whether or not you apply to Nottingham – I’d suggest you do; it’s wonderful – the following tips will help you make the most out of the next few months, allowing for a stress-free application process.

Organise your application! When I applied to university, I watched a lot of my friends scramble around last minute for recommendation letters, certificates and other documents. Before you even begin the application process, try to collate everything you need into a folder, either on your computer or in an actual file. This will help you reach for anything when you need it and will assure you that you have everything you need, thereby preventing any last-minute slip-ups where administration is concerned.

Secondly, do your research about the universities. It’s easy to get bowled over by the beautiful pictures and snazzy website design of some university but unfortunately, their internet presence doesn’t guarantee a good student experience. If possible, attend open days. Get a feel of the campus. Roam the city. Try to imagine what it will feel like making said city your home for the next few years. Imagine making it the foundation for your first foray into adulthood. If you can’t go to an open day, like I couldn’t, scour the internet for students’ opinions. Blogs like this one are very helpful to get an insight into university life. And don’t ever choose a university just because of it’s name or ranking. Every university has something to offer and excels in some ways over others. Choose what’s important to you and go where you would be happy. Your mental health will matter a lot more than how pretty the university’s logo looks on your LinkedIn.

Finally, play to your strengths. I cannot stress this enough. Every university looks for something specific from their applicants. And each and every applicant has something amazing to offer. Make a list of the application requirements for your course and then see where you shine. Apply to universities that will acknowledge this. That way, you’re in a better position to receive a positive response from them later in the game.

Applying to university can be time-consuming, stressful and frankly, quite a pain. However, it is increasingly important to stay motivated through the process and strive for the best. Once you achieve what you set out to do, you’ll thank yourself for not giving up early on. Being responsible, time-conscious, pro-active and smart will smooth out the process.


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