October 1, 2018, by Shweta

Getting Organized at University

Come Monday, Welcome Week 2018 came to an end. For those of you who just joined us at Nottingham, I have no doubt that you’ve had one of the most fulfilling, spontaneous and exciting weeks of your life. For the rest of us veterans, it’s been a week filled with nostalgia and failed attempts to recreate our own Fresher’s. However, with the end of Welcome Week comes the beginning of the rest of your time at university. And unfortunately, it won’t be as fun. Here are some of my tips to get (and stay) organised throughout the upcoming academic year.


  1. Plan your timetable. While your student portal is extremely efficient at showing you all your classes, I suggest scheduling your weeks to include extra-curricular activities, gym sessions and any meetings you may have. This will help you gauge your commitments at a glance and prevent you from getting too bogged down in all the activities available to you. Personally, the ‘MyStudyLife’ app has really helped me keep track of my classes, society activities and assignments.
  2. Get enough sleep. The biggest enemy of productivity is fatigue. Pulling an all-nighter may seem like a quick-fix but you’re more likely to produce fruitful results if you work consistently. Get enough sleep every night to tap into your true potential during the day.
  3. Write a to-do list. If you’re familiar with my blog, you’ll know I have talked extensively about my love for to-do lists. They’re great for keeping track of your daily commitments and work wonders in motivating you to get things done. Not to mention you will probably feel much more accomplished at the end of the day if you can clearly see what you have achieved throughout the day.
  4. Learn to say no! One of the best parts of university is the freedom that it comes with. From professional to social activities, it is completely up to you as to how busy you want to be. Having said that, remember to say no to people when your own priorities are at stake. And never forget that at the end of the day, your education comes first.


I can’t guarantee that the rest of your year will be as wild as your first week was but I can guarantee that with some organisation and time management on your part, you’ll be able to make the most of what Nottingham has to offer; academically and socially.


Until next time,


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