July 31, 2018, by Shweta

Baby Steps: Preparing for University

I like to believe that this blog attracts a whole array of readers but many of you probably landed here while scouring through the internet for tips on preparing for university. Well, I’m here to deliver exactly that!

With less than 2 months to go, this new chapter in your life is just around the corner. To many, it’s a new and exciting start; and to others, it’s a relentlessly daunting challenge. Whichever cliché you relate to, one thing doesn’t change and that is; come September, your life will change.

In the run up to Fresher’s week, firstly, I’d suggest joining as many WhatsApp/Facebook groups you can find, be it for your course, dorm or a society that peaks your interest. You’ll find a lot of interesting and like-minded people on these platforms and some may end up being your best friends. Knowing some names and faces will also help you feel more at ease come move-in day.

Secondly, if you’re an international student, join an orientation program. Flying thousands of miles for university was not as scary as it initially seemed and I put a lot of that down to the wonderful help I received from staff and student helpers at the welcome program. From setting up bank accounts to city tours, they cover it all and make your transition as smooth as it can be.

Lastly, enjoy what’s left of your summer. As you navigate university life, you’ll find yourself spending more time at summer internships than at summer pool parties. Use every moment of every day to create memories with your family and friends because it is those memories that will help you through the homesickness that typically accompanies the initial move to university.


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