July 21, 2018, by Lucy

How to Make Your Freshers’ Week Instagram Worthy

As reluctant as I am to say it, I am somewhat addicted to social media. Despite my best attempts to #liveinthemoment, I still find myself getting my phone out before to record my experiences.

If you, like me, love to, or are planning on, making your Instagram a visual diary of your university experience, here are some ways to start to jazz up that feed of yours. From places to eat, drink and socialise, I’ve got the Insta hotspots of your Notts experience sorted.

To show your mum that you are eating: Annie’s Burger Shack

Albeit not the healthiest place to eat, the portion sizes will definitely convince your mum that you’re not going to waste away during your time at university. With over 20 different burgers, all which can be made meaty, veggie or vegan, there will be something on the menu to meet both your aesthetic and hunger based needs.

Forget getting your burger fix from McDonalds, Burger King or even GBK, because Annie’s puts them all to shame. Show all your friends what they’re missing by not being in Notts and it’s guaranteed that they’ll want to come and visit just so they can experience the fantasy that is Annie’s Burger Shack themselves.

To show your mates at home that you are now edgier than them: the Bodega

Some people use going to university as a means of changing their identity. This is their fresh start. Nobody knows who they are, so why not explore the fabrications of their being? If you’re one of these people and decide to adopt an alternative persona, the Bodega is the place to be. Stepping into the place, you soon forget that you are indeed in Nottingham as the vibes are distinctly more classically European (I’m thinking Budapest or Amsterdam).

Whether you want to catch a gig in the upstairs lounge or want to catch up with your friends in the outside area, the Bodega certainly verifies your newfound edginess. From upcoming indie bands to fairy lights and bunting, here is the perfect place to showcase your shift from your former small-town self.

To show people that you aren’t a couch potato: Lost City

People assume that university students are certified couch potatoes. They sleep until the afternoon, waltz around in their pyjamas and only eat food that can be prepared by ‘just adding water’. I say show the haters wrong by demonstrating how you are in fact a sportsman. That’s right, you do sport in your free time… for fun. Hit up the Cornerhouse with your mates and explore the trappings of Lost City crazy golf.

Whether you want to release you inner Tiger Woods or simply recreate the music video for ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne, crazy golf is your opportunity to do so. It may all be fun and games, but sooner than you think it will become extremely competitive and you will be genuinely concerned with your stance, your shot and your force.

To show that you are now an academic: the Trent Building

Ah, behold, the Trent building. The backdrop to the Nottingham student’s university life. Whether it’s your first day, dissertation hand in or graduation, it’s highly likely that you will get a snap of the white stone masterpiece at some point. I mean, it is the pinnacle of University Park Campus.

All being well, the weather during Freshers’ Week will be full of sunshine and warmth, so why not gather all your new mates and take a walk around the lake before posing with the lion statues, walking on the stepping stones and jumping in front of the lake. Better start with the cliched pictures in your first week to set the tone for the rest of your experience.

To show how if you weren’t at uni you’d be an interior designer: Your Room

Fairy lights, six thousand decorative cushions, twelve posters, tea lights and fluffy throws… need I say more?


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