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Things To Do In Nottingham That Don’t Involve Drinking

A quick note from UoN: this blog was written in a time before COVID 19 but we think it’s something that will help you in your student life, We hope that you enjoy the blog but please be aware that social distancing measures may change some of the things you read about here.  

A beautiful little city – more so with this uncharacteristic bit of sun that we’ve been having – Nottingham offers its students so much more than just pub crawls or the “ultimate” night out (shout-out Lemonade Mondays, CRISIS Wednesdays & Ocean Fridays!). Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good night out on the town as much as the next person but, believe it or not, there are actually other ways to spend your time here, day or night,  that don’t necessarily have to involve drinking or excessive partying; and gosh does Nottingham offer plenty! Below, I’ve compiled a short (ish) list of things to do in Nottingham that don’t involve drinking, so if you’re interested, keep reading!

Wollaton Hall and Deer Park

Probably one of the most obvious activities that springs to mind when someone brings up Nottingham, Wollaton Hall and Deer Park provide an absolutely lovely day out. The hall – which is home to the infamous Wayne Manor from The Dark Knight Rises – is surrounded by perfectly manicured lawns and a beautifully charming park where you’ll find little bambi’s frolicking through the emerald turf, making it perfect for leisurely strolls or summertime-picnics! Okay so perhaps that description romanticises it a little, but I’m telling you the place is well worth a visit if you fancy getting your culture on, or even if you just fancy a day out; strolling the grounds and soaking up the sheer beauty of the place. Not only does it offer gardens upon gardens lined with avenues of ancient-looking trees, historic houses, parkland and museums, but the grounds also host various festivals, outdoor theatres and sporting sessions throughout the year which can be found online. With the place open from 8am–9:15pm, it’s easy to make a day of it and next to impossible to find something there that doesn’t take your fancy.

Seas the Day – Go Boating On Highfields Lake

Okay so I couldn’t NOT mention this one. Common knowledge to most of you I’m sure, but Highfields Park and Lake is beautiful way to spend a couple hours of your day, more so with the weather looking so lovely as of late. Whilst the park – which is BEAUTIFUL by the way – is available for leisurely walks in the lazy summer sun or crisp wintery frost all year around, boat hire is only eligible from April to October (as I’m sure you know why), and from 10am to 7pm daily, you’re able take out rowing boats, canoes or kayaks of your choice and set off across the green waters.

Escape from Reality – Visit an Escape Room!

Definitely, definitely way too underrated in my opinion, escape rooms offer a great way to spend a few hours of a day, afternoon or evening with a group of friends that doesn’t have to involve a drink or two. Here in Nottingham there are a bunch of different companies which offer this activity – Logilock, Crytology, Escaplogic to name a few – each of which houses various, intricately themed rooms and tasks for you to get stuck into. It’s also a great idea for society socials as opposed to a standard pub crawl and really helps you get to know your peers as you race against the clock to, well, escape! And with Nottingham offering an abundance of choice, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a room/puzzle type that’s as tricky or simple as you like.

Visit the National Ice Centre – All the Cool Kids do

Glide into the world of ice-skating here in Nottingham at the National Ice Centre and get your ice princess on! Granted we can’t all be as elegant on the ice as Michelle Trachtenberg’s character was in her movie, but we can try (and in my case, fail miserably). However, regardless of our ability in the sport, ice-skating is such a fun activity to do as a group ; onethat gets you moving and will no doubt have you in fits of laughter as you try to navigate the frosted ring and its slippery surface. And with student tickets costing only a fiver, it’s an absolute bargain!

Get Savvy With Your Movies – Visit Savoy Cinema

Located along Derby Road (and the only surviving pre-Second World War cinema in Nottingham!), Savoy Cinema offers another inexpensive way for you to spend your time. With student tickets priced at just under £5, keeping up to date with your favourite releases whilst you’re at uni is definitely doable without breaking the bank.

And so that’s it! Of course there’s still so much more you could do and I could ramble on for hours (don’t worry though, I won’t!), but here are just a couple of ways to spend your time in little-old Nottingham that don’t have to involve drinking – or excessive raving – but are nonetheless super-fun ways with which to spend the hours with a couple friends. This place offers a lot more than you would think, you know…

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