June 19, 2018, by Anjni

How To Spend These Long Summer Months

So summer is officially underway for us students, and before I give you some tips and tricks on how you should spend your time, I must apologise for my absence since my exchange ended in May (globetrotting  doesn’t always allow for a great internet connection). But now I’m back – and for good! – I thought I ought to share some ideas about how to spend these long summer months now that uni is done and finished for another three months (I know, not nearly as long as some of us would like).

Apply for Internships/Jobs

I’m sure most of you would have done this months ago, and hopefully you were successful in your endeavours and managed to secure that spot you were hoping for! Such a great way to spend the summer, internships are a great way for us to get experience before we enter the world of work full time after university and can help us learn a little about the practicalities of certain fields beyond what university content allows. Of course, it’s also vital in helping us bulk up our CVs (I know mine is still embarrassingly empty) and can help impress potential employers. Work experience and summer jobs are also useful for the same reason and, even if they aren’t related to our degrees, they can still help us build and improve those soft skills of ours (not to mention they fill the time and provide a bit of extra cash too!).

Go Travelling

So probably the most obvious one: go travelling! Going on holiday somewhere, whether it’s actually abroad or just on the other side of the country, is probably the most common way that people spend their summers, or part of it at least. Of course, having done all of my travelling post-exchange (May until about a week ago) I think I’m all travelled-out! Well, perhaps that’s not true; I don’t think I could EVER tire of seeing this beautiful world but rather, I should perhaps give myself a bit of rest after weeks of globetrotting before I get ready to hop onto another plane. But as for the rest of you, definitely; going on holiday is a great way to spend a couple weeks of your summer. Especially after a whole year of working and focussing so hard, a little time away can serve as a great break, and a little reward for all your hard work. Plus, is it really the summer holidays if you don’t take a trip SOMEWHERE?!

Play Catch Up With your TV

With three glorious months of summer stretching ahead of you, there’s so much you can do now that the weather is better(ish)! Yet, despite those sunny skies (which are few and far between anyway – it IS Britain after all), I suggest you take the time to catch up on all those shows, movies, books –  OH ALL THE BOOKS!!! – that you never really had the time for during term. Of course there’s a balance; make sure you don’t spend the whole day cooped up in your room with your eyes glued to the screen, but spending a couple – hundred – hours of quality time with your TV after so long isn’t such a bad thing.

Have Fun!

As long as the holidays may seem, three months will be over before we know it and we’ll be back at uni wishing we could have had just ONE week more. And so, I will you to just have fun: have a laugh, relax and just enjoy your summer as much as you can. You’ve worked hard all year, so reap the benefits and just soak in the bliss that these lazy summer days provide; catch up with friends, family – sleep! – and bask in the sunlight for as long as you can (it’s Britain; those beautiful golden rays won’t be around for long!).  I hope you have an eventful summer, whatever it is you end up doing! 🙂

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