April 27, 2018, by Shweta

Exam Tips

Now that it’s almost May, we know summer is around the corner (though the weather may not agree). Unfortunately, that means finals season is even closer. With less than a month to go, you’ve probably already claimed your own spot in the library alongside your new best friend, Echo360. However, this is also a time of extreme stress and frequent existential crisis’. So here are my top tips for tackling the upcoming month successfully.


LISTS! If you’ve read my blog before, you know I’m a little crazy about making lists. I find making lists of academic goals very useful while revising. Not only will it help keep you on track but it feels so good ticking a certain item off the list when you’re done. Whether it’s something as small as finishing 2-3 lectures of module x or something bigger, like tackling a whole module, lists keep you on-track and motivated.

STUDY TOGETHER! While studying with friends can become distracting, they’re a good source for extra information, revision notes, advice and a shoulder to cry on when it all gets a bit much. Plus, the distractions can be welcoming. Telling yourself to finish a certain amount of work before fangirling over Captain America in Avengers can really motivate you to get work done.

DON’T PULL ALL-NIGHTERS. Now this is probably a bit hypocritical because I’m guilty of this myself. But it’s been proven that a lack of sleep causes a reduction in cognitive ability (i.e. memory and learning). Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep so that you’re energised and ready to tackle those lectures the next day.


Hope my tips were helpful. Good luck for your exams!


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