April 3, 2018, by Shweta

Exploring the World on a Budget

Easter is always a time to look forward to, especially when you’re at university. After all, who isn’t looking forward to a mid-semester break! I spent the past weekend gallivanting around Scotland and if anything, it taught me a thing or two about budgeted travelling. Here are my tips for exploring this beautiful world while still saving up for those upcoming Crisis nights.

Dean Village, Edinburgh

  1. Book early! This can be hard, especially if you’re like me and terrible at planning in advance. I’m also one for spontaneity and adventure so planning the details can get overwhelming. However, booking flights and hostels early will get you some good deals, especially during such a busy time of year.
  2. 24-hour tickets for 24-hour fun. Whichever city you’re visiting, they’re bound to have all-day bus/tram tickets that will save you a lot of money (and energy) while exploring.
  3. Find a backpacker’s guide to the city. While every place has lots to offer to their tourists, some sites can be overpriced yet underwhelming. Looking out for time-out’s articles or other backpacker’s lists/blogs on the internet can help you find some cheap (or maybe even free) spots to visit.
  4. Learn to haggle. There isn’t much to say about this but trust me, it’s a life skill you won’t regret developing. But be mindful about the local culture as not all of them are open to haggling and some may find it disrespectful.
  5. Localize your booze. When drinking out, opt for local beers or spirits because they’re almost always cheaper than fancy imported brands. Furthermore, it’s always a great cultural experience to taste what the place offers.


It took me a long time – 1.5 years to be exact – to learn how to travel on my student budget. These tips have helped me make the most of my time here as an international student and I hope they allow you to explore the world further.

Let me know what your Easter looked like. I’m sure it was just as fun as mine!



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