February 11, 2018, by Susan

Saving ££ at Uni


Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Keeping up with finances at university is really hard. I used to feel as though there was always something I just needed to buy and I was constantly spending. And there comes that time when you look at your rent due, the social plans you’ve made and your bank account and realise you’re probably not going to make it *le cry*. Well three years into uni I feel like I’ve picked up some valuable tips to share with you all !

  1. Get a Starling Bank Account

You don’t even have to do much ! I’m telling you, this app is a revelation. Starling is a free bank and you essentially set up an account through the app and they’ll send you a new card. Every time you make a new transaction it categorises how you spend. From someone who used to save all her receipts and try and make Excel charts, this app is a godsend.

  1. Borrow Books

Don’t buy books , you rarely have to. I don’t know why lecturers don’t stress on this but you really don’t need to buy books, everything you need is in the library. Now I like to have my own copies for a couple of Literature modules I do so I just buy them second-hand, normally online.

  1. Coach Card

Pretty sure everyone is on this now but just in case you’re not, get a coach card/rail card to save ££££ on travelling home.

  1. Cook

Especially if you know you’ll be on campus around lunchtimes. £3 meal deals are great once in a while but if you’re on that everyday it’s going to add up. Another thing that adds up? Coffee. Invest in a flask and bring your own !

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