December 17, 2017, by Susan

3 ways to be a tourist in your hometown this Christmas


The holidays are finally here! And I don’t know about you but I haven’t been home since September and have missed my hometown, Brighton, a LOT. Nottingham’s fab and all but every time I go back, I remember how much I take Brighton for granted?! This Christmas, I have plans to explore a bit more. And I reckon, even if you know your hometown inside out, there are still new, little experiences to be had that would also shake up your normal routine.

  1. Cycle around

Cycling is obviously a great to get some fresh air but why not pick a trail you haven’t done before and go exploring?! I also like to stop by some scenic sights and take photos.

  1. Go out for coffee and cake in a new café

Because honestly who even does that anymore?!  Find an independent café tucked away somewhere and treat yo self. Coursework and revision can be both hard … and boring but honestly cake solves a lot of problems. I’ve actually done this at least 3 times this term in Notts … it’s been a tough term haha

  1. Find new events

I tend to do the same things when socialising with friends. It’s normally the cinema, a bit of lunch and a bit of window shopping. But there’s actually so much going on if you just give it a quick Google Search! I found out about some comedy shows, live jazz and a couple of spoken word nights too. So I’m definitely going to be mixing it up a bit. The best thing about events like these is that a lot of people go alone and don’t know anyone so it’s wouldn’t be too awkward if you wanted to just turn up by yourself either!

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Nathan Anderson

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