October 25, 2017, by Shweta

Alternative night outs for the non-drinkers

Recently, I spoke to a few first years who claimed that they felt left out at university because they didn’t drink alcohol. It got me thinking about how some aspects of uni life can be difficult for non-drinkers. From an endless barrage of questions about why you don’t drink to the many people who’ll try to make you start, many events can be a chore to attend.

So, whether you’re attempting ‘Sober November’ or just don’t drink generally, here are some alcohol-free nights out around Nottingham.


Unwind at a board game café

Gone are the days where board games were a last resort option on bored Sunday afternoons. With the opening of Ludorati, you and your friends can chat (and eat!) over a round of Monopoly which, as it turns out, can be just as fun as mingling at the bar. With over 750 games available, you’re bound to have a good time and you won’t need a drop of alcohol to enjoy it.


A silver special

The Savoy, located a stone’s throw away in Lenton, is a pre-existing second world war cinema that is popular amongst students for its affordable prices. Catch one of the latest movies with friends and don’t forget the popcorn on your way in!


Escape from a puzzle room

Rally your troops and get to ‘Escapologic’ for a thrilling experience enhanced by immersive set designs and fiendish mysteries. With one hour to work out what goes in inside the rooms and how it can help you escape, can you solve all the clues in time?


Discover mocktails at Nottingham’s best bars

Bar hopping doesn’t have to mean unnecessary indulgence, especially if that isn’t your style. Most good bars will have an equally impressive mocktail selection. Whether you’re meeting someone new or catching up with an old friend, grabbing a mocktail at Das Kino, All Bar One or any of the other wonderful bars Nottingham has to offer, can be a great night out.


Knock ‘em down at a bowling alley

There are a number of bowling alleys around Nottingham that offer up great deals for students. Get your friends together and unleash your competitive side. Loser buys dinner?


Peruse art at the Nottingham Contemporary

Showcasing multiple modern art pieces, this museum is perfect for anyone with an appreciation for the finer things in life.


While some of the most memorable nights in our lives have been painted by a drink or two, the morning after can often leave us with some regret. As we increasingly look towards taking care of our ourselves and treating our bodies right, we don’t always need a G&T to have fun. And for you non-drinkers, Nottingham still has plenty to offer so get out and make some memories!

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