August 23, 2017, by Andrew

Your essential university packing list

Back when I was preparing to start my university adventure (way back when Freddo’s could be aquired for the princely sum of 5 of your old english pennies), I spent a lot of time planning what to take to uni. Suffice to say, a lot of time culminated in a lot of stuff. A lot of -mostly completely unnecessary- stuff (made for a wonderfully decorated room, though; see photo>>>)

So here’s a few key things to take, and a few to leave in your parent’s attic/the shop.


  • A small, but nice, cutlery and crockery set. You want to enjoy eating off/with it, but I soon realised that I – one 18 year old boy – was certainly not in need of a 24 piece set of porcelain.
  • Some fancy bedding. It’s simple, you’re gonna be sleeping in it, (proportionally that’s about 50% of your first year at uni) so it’s worth shelling-out a couple of bob for a nice duvet, pillows and linen.
  • A potted plant! Sure, they gave me funny looks on move-in day as I carried my yukka through the gates like a wannabe Alan Titchmarsh, but it really adds some character, colour, and personality to an otherwise ununique space.
  • Cushions. Turn your bed into a top-tier cinema for you and your friends with the addition of a handful of cushions. No one wants to watch a movie with their back pressed against a hard wall.


  • Kitchen appliances. Unless explicity told they’re not provided, don’t waste that precious car boot space on a microwave, minifridge, toaster and kettle. Also be sure to check what’s not allowed due to potential fire/ electrical safety hazards.
  • All the recommended text books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discouraging you from reading them, but most if not all of them will be available in one or more of the university’s many librarys. They’re usually a fortune to buy new, so if you do want a couple of key texts, head to ebay/amazon ‘used’ and pick up the second-most recent edition of it for at least half the price.
  • Big speakers. ┬áNo one wants to hear your dolby digital 5.1 blasting out your mate Gav’s new remix of a grime track no-ones ever heard of. Bring a portable bluetooth speaker for playing music in your communal areas instead. Halls walls are rarely well soundproofed so be considerate of those around you who don’t always want to keep the party going into the early hours.
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