July 20, 2017, by Chloe

Things I didn’t expect to miss about university life

Student life is great for so many reasons – the diversity of the people you can meet, the topics you can study, the new places you can go. Those sort of things are what you expect to miss when at home, for summer or permanently. Yet what has surprised me the most about being home is the more mundane things I find myself missing:

Public Transport

Nottingham’s public transport is pretty amazing. I’d never used a bus on my own before uni, but now I miss the regularity of the 36 bus at the bargain price of £1. Maybe if I could drive I wouldn’t miss it as much, but I’m growing tired of walking and taxis. 


I no longer know what to do with all my free time. Netflix is no longer so appealing when there’s nothing to procrastinate from. I don’t know what I’m going to do once my degree is over and there’s no more studying to be done. I miss the regularity studying brings. 

Food Shopping

Between living at home and working in a restaurant, I’ve barely had to buy or cook any meals for myself this summer. Great for my bank balance, not so great for my waistline. Also, I’ve realised how much time (and money!) I used to waste in Beeston’s Tesco – it was just too convenient as a study break!

It’s weird how I miss these things now, but come September I’m sure I’ll feel the exact opposite. Until then though…

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