June 11, 2017, by Shweta

A Love Letter To My First Year At Uni

Hello again! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a chance to blog about my life at university and that’s probably because I haven’t had much of a life for the past few weeks. However, I managed to scrape through finals week which means I’ve successfully made it through one whole year at Nottingham relatively unscathed! In less than a week’s time, I’ll be flying back home, a very different person than the one who walked through these doors in September. Now that I have so much time on my hands, I’ve been reflecting a little more than usual. This past year has been an absolute roller-coaster but I, personally, wouldn’t have had it any other way.


Knowing that I’m going to be away from Nottingham for 3 whole months has made me realize how much I have valued my time here. I just can’t seem to escape the memories. My first year has been a simultaneous experience of clarity and madness. Over the past few months, I’ve learnt that home isn’t always a place and blood isn’t always thicker than water. I’ve learnt that my friends are the family I choose and that rejection doesn’t warrant forfeit. I have forged friendships with some of the most important people I will ever meet, one of them being myself. From learning to revel in my own company to socializing with people from different cultures, I cannot believe how blessed I am to build a life here. The University of Nottingham gave me a place to feel secure at a point in my life when not much else was and for that, I’m grateful.


When I come back in September, there will be a lot of fresh-faced, eager first years around and if any of you are reading this right now, just know that you’re on your way to someplace unimaginable.


Until next time,


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